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Scout on Life and Death Part 3- "Shadows of the Past" is a poignant story that delves into the complex relationships between a daughter and her father, a psychologist facing her own inner struggles. The narrative weaves through past memories and present challenges, unveiling the profound impact of a father's mysterious double life.

  His absent eyes scanned the room, flinching at the soft lights of the lamps. The smell of expensive cologne draped a humorous blanket over the reek of alcohol and his disoriented demeanor. I watched him sit on the couch, familiar with the comfort of its sinking nature. “Is it cozy? The couch?” I asked quietly, avoiding his gaze. He nodded.   My father never drank or took drugs, but the weight of a 16-hour workday had a similar effect on his mental awareness. I would see his shadow on late nights when we both should have been asleep, and he would be waiting for my silhouette in the hallway. The outlandish stories that we both knew I didn’t believe were solace from the parallel lives we had in the day. We traveled in lines so similar but never overlapping, struggling on the same spectrum of different universes. “I was at the mine today, Lyra,” he would say under his breath. “Really?” I would whisper back with a slight giggle. I knew that collared shirts weren’t worn for

Scout on Blinding Lights

               A deer with two strong antlers that lead before its eyes, seeing with distance and never close enough to touch with its own fur. Headstrong, chosen not from strength, but fear. What is soft enough to feel its true skin is not worthy of hatred, yet too close for friendship. It runs free from the challenges of wilderness, into roads, and through forest trails. When the night comes, it remembers the mellow colors of the night. The dark blues and gray sky rest the antlers from defense and the eyes take control. What can the antlers see of the beauty of the moon, it asks itself. Nothing, for the shine of the crescent over this world, can only be seen through the two eyes so little used. And as they look to the sky, the wonder of the day leaves from the comfort of the night’s beauty. Its hooves relax and it walks down the rough gravel roads, unaware of its placement in the world it must share. The moon and the stars yell for it to admire them another day, in a different plac

Scout on Life and Death Part 2- Lyra is still shaken up from the previous night's proceedings, only to find an interesting client at her psychiatry office

         Mercy wasn’t an emotion I enjoyed feeling. Why did others deserve something that was never given to me? But alas, I found myself making the same mistake as I had done years ago, allowing someone to live past the time they deserve. The morning rain came and washed the houses and the windows that I had stood in. New York’s showers gave me a sense that the blood spilled was gone, dripping away into the sewers, even for only a day. Yet this rainy day wouldn’t be bright as the others, and I would be as sour as all the other pedestrians trudging to their offices. Pools of contaminated water reflected my dry demeanor, the sidewalks questioning the shift of my attitude. I owe you nothing, I thought, as the cold puddles soaked my socks. Maybe they needed at least one person to appreciate their efforts, missing the gratitude of the forests and plants they shed sustenance on far away. The rain was the only thing that reminded city-dwellers of nature’s strength, and possibly God’s existen

Scout on Life and Death Part 1 - A woman,Lyra, watches people through their windows before taking their souls only to shower pity for one she may care for.

       The Ritz showered mercy on me today. The clouded window my transparent complexion peered into did not boast a couple or a family. The ragged clothes and wearing couch held an air of restlessness, evidence of many that visit and none who stay. I could sympathize with the dweller of this room, but I must only observe their final night. It neared midnight, but a person will work tirelessly, unbeknownst how close the end may be and how pointless their toil is. They never enjoy themselves before their souls rise; chasing a dream is more valuable than enjoying a nightmare. Yet whether I peered into a Manhattan penthouse or the many tenants of this creaking apartment complex, no one would be content with what they have. The chase is so surreal; it pleases you past what you receive from it. The idea of improvement is not for happiness, but rather self-importance.             The creaking red wooden door peeling at the sides swung open slowly as a slouching man dragged his worn feet re

Scout on Fame/Mirrored Desire

Int. BLACK BOX - Night We open to a dark and untidy black box, and we can hear LIGHT TAPPING slowly getting louder. We pan over to a SITTING GIRL staring at a BROKEN MIRROR. JENINE’S EYES are unsettled, waiting for something to distract her. The door CREAKS QUIETLY and JENINE turns abruptly. KISA  (closes door) Its ok , Jenine its only me. I brought the script so you can read it over again, just in case.  JENINE (FLIPS MORROR OVER) Oh, thank you.. We can see KISA walking closer to JENINE from behind the MIRROR. KISA Why can’t you get rid of that spoiled mirror? Its broken on one side anyways. JENINE NO! I mean- no. It’s- still half good.You would still use a half bad lemon. KiSA No, why would I?It’d just be more  sour. KISA pauses and we can see her through JENINE’S MIRROR, that is now tinted YELLOW. KISA(O.S.) Hey, I have to make sure everyone’s in place on set, just read it over and finish touching up your makeup. Your co-star will  come in after a bit to- um - rehearse. JENINE FLIPS